C9 Petroleum Resin
          C5/C9 Copolymerization Petroleum Resin
          C5 petroleum resin (aliphatic)
          Rubber Accelerators
          DCPD Hydrocarbon Resin
          Coumarone resin
          Terpene Resin
  About Us

Puyang Changyu Petroleum Resins Co., Ltd. is a professional petroleum resin manufacturer in china, we are using the C5 and C9 distillates mainly as the raw material, And using of current advanced technology and production processes, long-term commitment to the development of Petroleum resin , producing four kinds of products: C9 petroleum resin, C5 petroleum resin, C5/C9 copolymerization petroleum resin, petroleum resin of dicyclopentadiene (DCPD), and terpene resin ; We  has an annual  capacity of 65,000 tons per yearly. The above series products can used for a paint, the Hot-Melt-Road-Marking paint, rubber, tire and adhesives, the printing ink industry, because these products have certain of not saturation, can used for paper adhesives, plastics to change function also etc...
We had been certified to ISO9001, ISO14001, GB/T28001 three standard management system certification,  We have the rights for import & export of our own.
Our resin products have been sold, 60 percent of products exported to Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, Europe, North America, the Middle East, Taiwan and Hong Kong and other parts of the world.
Changyu has a competitive employee team with 200 persons, including 20 senior technical and middle-level technical personnel titles, and more than 70% of employees have the college or technical-school education background.
Our company has an anticipation of bright market prospect owing to the advantages of high-talented staff, advanced process technology, unique production equipments, accurate analysis methods, and strict management system.
With the philosophy of "Quality first, reputation first", "service concept, can be distinguished according to each customer's actual needs to provide professional, personalized applications to help our customers improve performance and increase efficiency, the only professional in order to common development with customers and sincerely welcome customers from all over the world calls, letters to the company to visit our in-depth understanding and friendship; We will cherish every chance to build a long friendship and cooperation with all the customers for the bright future, mutual benefits and development.

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